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Our intention is to provide a professional, humble, non-competitive space, from which healthy, friendly communities can grow. Students of all levels are welcome.

We don’t need to sell you yoga, you only need to experience it to understand its power. Yoga practices are cultivated throughout life; they promote empowered living, build strength, increase flexibility and relieve stress. Ultimately, a committed practice of yoga speaks for itself.

The history of yoga stretches back some 5000 years, and as a system of healing, of personal development and of growth it has stood the test of time. Fortunately, in our time yoga is backed up with science, allowing doctors, psychologists, athletes and professionals alike to utilise this ancient wisdom for the health and benefit of society as a whole.

Join our community and experience the freedom of transformation for your mind, body and spirit. Take advantage of our Introductory Offer, 10 days of consecutive yoga for just $20, and see for yourself why these are the two fastest growing styles of yoga in the World.

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The teachers at YogaBodyWorks are professional and passionate. Our principal teacher, Karl Jaross is a 700 Hr RYT and is a Level 2 Yin Yoga instructor, training with Yin Master Paul Grilley in Thailand (YYTT Level 1: Anatomy & Theory) and USA (YYTT Level 2: Chakras & Meridians). He has also trained with Baron Baptiste, Les Leventhal, Duncan Peak and Fiona Leard.

YogaBodyWorks is well-known for its incredibly talented and devoted teachers (both to yoga and to the students), none of whom take themselves too seriously.  YogaBodyWorks instructors are, first and foremost "regular people;" mums, students, teachers and health care professionals. They teach yoga because they have seen the good it can do in their busy and full lives, and hope to share those benefits with you.

Many of our teachers started with YogaBodyWorks as students; they came to love the practice and joined YogaBodyWorks's 200 Hr Teacher Training program where they built on their personal practice and now lead powerful and regenerating Hot Power Yoga and Yin Yoga classes.

Our yoga teachers love what they do and are here to share the journey of yoga with you.

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