Dana Fischetti

After attending her first yoga class about a decade ago, Dana could not get enough. An avid exerciser, she was completely amazed by the transformation that physical asana practice also brings to our mental, spiritual and emotional health. Yoga has brought her great personal growth, joy, confidence, focus and strong support and friendships.

After continuing to deepen her own personal practice and to informally mentor new students, Dana decided to pursue teacher training and finished her 200 RYT in April 2012. She has studied and practiced many types of Hatha Yoga, including Ashtanga and Anusara, and has always loved sweaty, detoxifying hot yoga classes. 

Dana’s main beliefs about yoga are that anyone and everyone can practice, that yoga studios are places where everyone is welcome and supported in their practice, and that every individual yogi is his or her own best teacher—the teacher of a class is just there to be a guide.  

Dana’s personal challenge, like that of many Western yogis, is to develop a consistent meditation practice. Although meditation and stillness do not come easily, she has experienced the sense of peace that meditation practice can bring into the daily chaos of being human. She also works to bring her yoga practice off the mat and into the world on a daily basis.

Now bi-continental, Dana is an American who moved to Newcastle in October 2013. She is married and the mother of two grown children who live in North Carolina in the States. She loves Newcastle and Australia and is grateful for the opportunity to experience this lovely country and its people, who have welcomed her with open arms.