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Awaken the Woman Within with Zoe Swain

Zoe Swain is what you would call an alchemist; someone who transforms things for the better. 

Her work nationally and internationally with men and women has transformed countless lives and relationships. Yoga Body Works is bringing you the opportunity to spend 3.5 hours with Zoe, to really drop into her teachings and see how powerful and meaningful your life as a woman can be. 

Drop into the deepest realms of living life as a woman with no shame; no guilt; no boundaries. As women, we carry around so much baggage. This heaviness holds us back from stepping into our most exquisite selves, until we reach a tipping point. This point is now. Enough is enough. It is time to step into your deepest essence and ascend into your highest feminine power. No airy fairy stuff - this is real and raw.

Zoe guides you in the sometimes confronting journey of breaking the mould that's holding you back. Do you ever ask yourself: What's my purpose in life? How do I feel fulfilled, instead of trapped all of the time? When is it going to be time for ME to get what I want? How can I learn to love my body; really love my body? How do I let go of my inhibitions around sex/love/sensuality? How can I be desired by men, and still be loved by women? How do I let go of of my self hate/judgement so I can be proud and content with the woman I am? In this three and a half hour workshop, we are going to delve deep into some of the answers to these questions, and you will emerge enlightened and prepared to take on this life in a completely new way. Zoe will share the tools she uses to transform women, from hidden treasures into glowing goddesses.

Zoe’s workshop will focus on the following key areas, but will encompass much more, depending on where the group’s individual and collective desires lie, getting clear on your desires for love and life.

Communication with the opposite sex and getting what you want in an incredibly loving and honouring way stepping into the yummiest, most sensual, sexy and powerful version of yourself. 

"Perhaps the butterfly is proof that you can go through a great deal of darkness, yet become something extraordinarily beautiful. Perhaps you and I are even better proof of that.” Zoe Swain

Certified Hypnotherapist, Yoga Teacher, Raw Food & Naturopathic Nutritionist, Relationship/Life Alchemist/Massage Therapist & Momma

March 4th, Saturday.


Cost $95 (includes a free gift from Zoe)

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