Keryl Collard

Keryl came to yoga after more than 30 years as a self-confessed gym junkie and has never looked back. She found the practice of yoga to be both grounding and uplifting. In fact, yoga has transformed her and has become a foundation for spiritual growth and physical suppleness.

Keryl’s yoga journey began 3 years ago as a practitioner of power Vinyasa yoga. This had such an amazing impact on her life she wanted to connect with others by sharing the passion she developed for yoga’s gentle and powerful philosophy. She undertook 200 hours of teacher training in 2013 and commenced teaching with Yoga Body Works in 2014. She feels honoured to teach at the same studio in which she began her yoga journey.

Keryl believes that we all have a unique potential and she loves the power that yoga has to liberate the energy within and open us to new possibilities.