Yoga & Your Shoulders

One of the first things people notice about yoga is it’s great for conditioning the body. We become stronger and more flexible, breathe better and feel more alive. Over time, however, especially when we’ve been practicing a lot, we might notice the odd twinge here or ache there and we wonder if it’s yoga’s ‘fault’…

Imagination and intuition - a nod to the philosophers and ancients

Most of us have heard the phrase, “I think therefore I am”. The mind behind that phrase, Rene Descartes, known to some as the father of modern philosophy, was born late in the 16th century. His many contributions to the worlds of philosophy and mathematics included an interest in the pineal gland, a light sensitive gland in the middle of the brain, responsible for producing melatonin and thought to be where the body produces its only in-house hallucinogen, dimethyltryptamine. 

Yin and Yang - The evolution of our studio Yoga Body Works

Early this year Yoga Body Works added yin yoga to its list of studio offerings.  The studio had been open for three years during which time our primary offering had been hot power yoga, reflected in our stutio moniker at the time (Hot Power Yoga). Indeed, Hot Power Yoga was the first studio in Newcastle dedicated to offering hot yoga classes and our teachers have been passionate about sharing this transformative practice.

All things evolve, however, and when yin yoga was added to our timetable this year, students poured into the new classes.  We realised we had been missing this important piece of the puzzle - our previously yang space (associated with energy, fire, masculinity, activity, and with the sun, with change and with movement) became infused with a new yin energy (associated with stability, femininity, with matter, with form, with passivity and stillness).