Yoga Practice

Imagination and intuition - a nod to the philosophers and ancients

Most of us have heard the phrase, “I think therefore I am”. The mind behind that phrase, Rene Descartes, known to some as the father of modern philosophy, was born late in the 16th century. His many contributions to the worlds of philosophy and mathematics included an interest in the pineal gland, a light sensitive gland in the middle of the brain, responsible for producing melatonin and thought to be where the body produces its only in-house hallucinogen, dimethyltryptamine. 

Mindfulness: Train the brain

YogaBodyWorks presents:
Train the Brain: An introduction to a mindful-based practice

Learn the art of conscious living with Train the Brain, a truly unique mindfulness program that combines the ancient techniques of meditation and yin yoga with Western psychology. Enhance your mental and emotional resilience, reduce stress and enjoy living in the present moment.

The Beginner's Journey

I remember my first hot yoga class. I opened the studio door, the air was thick and heavy and walking into it was like walking into a wall. While the regulars barely seemed to notice the heat I wondered whether I would make it through class. 

I was there because I’d heard that hot yoga was dynamic. I expected it to be a workout and was open to the opportunity to de-stress. What I was totally unprepared for was the kind of elation I felt at the end of my practice. I was relaxed but alert, calm but energetic, and I was curious about the simultaneous experience of these opposing sensations in my body.