First Steps

If you are a beginner at Hot Power Yoga you may feel frustrated and awkward at first; nearly everyone starts this way.

You'll experience ups and downs and inevitable plateaus as you go through your Hot Power Yoga practice. 

Each day will be unique. 

Sometimes the energy and drive is there, at other times it’s a struggle. Your body is just like your mind in that it has moods; the moment you step onto your mat you'll know the mood. Work with it. 

Often the best time for a Hot Power Yoga practice, is when we least ‘feel like it’.

In these moments there are often difficult emotions under the surface of your life immobilising and often robbing you from doing the things necessary to rewire your mind and reshape your emotions. Willingness to feel (and heal) during your Hot Power Yoga practice, as well as repetition and consistency will lay the groundwork for true transformation in your life.