The Edge in Hot Power Yoga

We call ‘the edge’ in Hot Power Yoga, the boundary of where we are now and where we wish to go, to grow. 

Most people keep their thermostat at the same level, yet we all know in order to grow we need to make a stand in the challenging moments, it’s the place of ‘comfortable discomfort’ where you grow the most. In these moments we can either say yes, or back out, often oscillating between the worlds of perceived failure and breakthroughs. 

If we persist, we move beyond these limitations and find a middle path. The Hot Power Yoga breakthrough moments can be so liberating we can become attached to them, and mistake them for a final destination, but life is not like that. Learning to observe resistance, and not become attached to peace is the real journey; the real stretch is internal. 

Hot Power Yoga students and teachers understand if we want peace, life will send us a storm in which to cultivate peace. Hot Power Yoga practitioners courageously embrace challenge, and see it as an opportunity to meet stress and unresolved negative emotions ‘head on’; only the courageous and humble last.