Hot Power Yoga becomes YogaBodyWorks

One individual body, one collective body, one universal body.

YogaBodyWorks has evolved, naturally and organically, from the Yang-based Hot Power Yoga, Newcastle's first Power Yoga studio, into the studio we are today. We are proud to announce the launch of YogaBodyWorks, Newcastle's first Yin Yang Yoga Studio and a professional, humble, non-competitive space from which healthy, friendly communities can grow.  

This new sense of balance was only achieved when Yin Yoga was introduced into the Hot Power Yoga studio in early 2012; we had a sudden sense of the 'whole' being greater than the sum of its two parts. We feel the Yin Yang approach to a physical yoga practice offers the most benefits in terms of health, healing and personal growth.

From the creative cycle of rebalancing Yin and Yang, YogaBodyWorks has emerged.

The new energy in our YogaBodyWorks studio and within our community as a result of this shift is inspiring, and we thank you all for being a part of it.

In gratitude we wish to thank all those inspired teachers who have paved the way, making it easier for others on the path of inner growth and intuitive insight