The Pros and Cons of Hot Yoga

Speak to 10 practicing yogis and you’ll probably find 10 completely different answers to the question, ‘to heat or not to heat’ your yoga practice. There are certainly benefits to both (which is why we offer both heated and unheated classes in the studio) but here’s some information that will help you decide which style of class is for you:


1.     Sweating can be good for releasing impurities in the body and while sweating is certainly not the only method the body uses for detoxification, it is absolutely one of them and is one of the reasons you’ll feel great when you finish your practice.

2.     Passive heating of the body - that is, heating the body through external means (heaters) as opposed to internal means (breath, movement) - increases your flexibility so you are able to access a greater range of motion than may otherwise be possible in an unheated class. Great when you’re feeling stiff and sore.

3.     You’ll feel rejuvenated afterward. Whether it’s that warm air in the lungs, the sweat, the increased movement or the camaraderie of a communal practice there’s no doubt that even if you walked into class feeling lethargic and unmotivated, you’ll walk out of there with a spring in your step. 


1.     You may find yourself feeling dehydrated. If you’ve ever practiced hot yoga before you’ll know that guzzling water in class will make you feel nauseous. It’s important, therefore, that you come to class hydrated. Preparation for class does not need to be onerous. If you expect to practice in the next 24h drink a little more water than usual and if you’re practicing regularly consider electrolytes. Remember it’s not just water you sweat out, it’s minerals like potassium that you need to be replaced as well.

2.     Heating the body passively has a side effect. When the body is hot you have less awareness of its natural limitations. If you’re not paying attention you may find that you push your body further than it’s ready for and not notice what’s happened until you cool down. Because of this it is important that you move mindfully to ensure you pick up on cues from the body that you’re pushing too far. Always focus on building strength and flexibility together.

3.     If you’re pregnant or trying to fall pregnant you should seek advice from your doctor.

Practice hot yoga with these things in mind and you’ll ensure that you’re safe each time you step on your mat.