Art Yoga - Finding Freedom in Movement

Self expression is a courageous act. Expressing what it means to be you, wholeheartedly, unabashedly, takes a leap of faith. It’s that weightless moment at the top of the rollercoaster, where you’re not sure if you’ll be ok. You always are. The momentum of the rollercoaster builds, you rush down the other side, realize that vulnerability can be exhilarating and line up for more. 

Of course it’s not always that easy, but yoga is a good way to explore; to learn what it means to be ourselves; to learn what we want to express. We teeter at the edge of our comfort zone each time we come to the mat, occasionally step past it and open ourselves up a little at a time. It’s interesting that this process can be so difficult. How is it that we become bound by the limitations we place on ourselves?!

In yoga this might manifest as an unwillingness to try a new pose that looks out of our reach, but think to all the breakthroughs you’ve had when you’ve ‘known’ you can’t do it…and it happened anyway. See? The limits we set can be broken! Yoga empowers us to explore and expand our boundaries. It provides us with a safe space to explore the beliefs we hold that confine us to less than we’re capable of. 

It’s ok to explore and be messy so why not colour outside of the square? In this way yoga can be a place for reflection and a place for true, unbridled expression. 

We think this is important. And exciting. So we’ve been thinking of ways to explore this on a larger scale and have teamed up with the Maitland Regional Art Gallery to offer a six week Art Yoga course beginning February 2015.

Practice yoga in a beautiful space dedicated to self expression, drawing inspiration from the artists on display. Interested? We think it will be fun. Contact us at the studio for more information ( or 02 4929 6791).