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Return to Balance with Rusty Davis

Two workshops with the amazing Rusty Davis:

1) Functions and Importance of the Fascia

“We will look into the mysterious world under the skin and discover how important the fascia system is to the whole-body approach that is becoming the talk in the yoga world.  We will do it through an approach that is both dynamic and static, reprogramming for the pathways of the mind, finding the lightness in your step and look at the right amount of activation and relaxation needed to move thorough your yoga practices and life.  Come prepared to learn about yourself in the deeper layers of yourself. 

Saturday May 11th



2) Cultivating power & balance: basics of breathing

“Breath is life, and the quality of your breath determines the quality of your life. In this workshop you will explore, learn and practice how to breathe more deeply, smoothly and fully. Feeling the benefits this quality of breath can have in your life and on everyone around you.  Oxygen is the one essential thing that connects every human being and by correct breathing focus we can find the source of more health, vitality, clarity and confidence.  Different approaches to breathing will be explored; come prepared to move, to focus and fill yourself up with more oxygen and energy…it is your god given right. “

Sunday May 12th - Mother’s Day



Special price for Mothers $30

Everyone is Welcome!

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