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The Big Buddha

THE BIG BUDDHA – Eight day mindfulness challenge

Our challenge is to inspire daily meditation practice. We’ll show you a gentle, practical way of introducing meditation and mindfulness into your life by committing over time and without force.

Frustration and time management issues are roadblocks to forming a consistent, effortless meditation practice.  You’ll learn that forming an everyday practice is as uncomplicated as stopping to take one empowered breath.

It is that simple. Our course is designed to help you journey into meditation with happiness and simplicity.



What we commit to

  • Regular meditation and stillness
  • Letting go and trusting
  • Vulnerability
  • Self honesty
  • Re-Connecting
  • Intuition
  • Self Reflection
  • Dropping our victim mentality

Course Overview

The daily challenge - Eight days 

  • Morning and night Meditation x 30 min
  • Presence through Movement class 40 min
  • Daily hand out and discussion.
  • 3 heated classes over eight days      
  • Detox Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
  • No, caffeine, or alcohol
  • Before bed 10 min Stillness Mindfulness observation.
  • A modern day introduction to the Chakras
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