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100 Hour Yin Training - Level 2

YINtrospection - the experience of taking one's awareness to the nature of the mind, the subtle body, and the unveiling of our ego, karma and samskaras.

This is dedicated to the detailed study and practice of Meditation, Taoism, Chakra Theory, Meridian Theory, Samkhya philosophy and applications of the sister science of Ayurveda.   We will explore how these ancient philosophies interrelate, influence and guide our own healing.  Exploring the power of meditation practices and bandha work for each of the chakras will take your spiritual journey to depths you have not been able to achieve before.  Daily practices of Yin and/or Yang yoga forms will be explored and we will re-visit the Assisted Yin Yoga practice to give you a refresher in this modality and ensure that you have any lingering questions answered.  Yoga, Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine - three modalities, one clear message. Powerfully transform your practice and your life with this ten day program.  

There is a pre-requisite assignment to be completed and emailed to instructor two weeks prior to program begins.  

The course is accredited with Yoga Alliance International (Australia). 

Nov 14th - 23rd 2018 -  8am-5pm daily

Cost: $1950     Early Bird $1850 (closes 3rd September November 2018)

$500 deposit required upon booking