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Energy Medicine with Tara Bagnall

Energy Medicine with Tara Bagnall

In this 2,5 hour Masterclass, learn how to work with YOUR BODY’s energy systems to promote health and well-being.

Using your body’s energies, you will learn simple techniques, that will enable you to:

•Boost vitality and stamina

•Strengthen the immune system

•Relieve pain and common complaints such as colds and tension headaches

•Sharpen memory and mind

•Enhance overall health and well-being with an invigorating five-minute daily routine 

•Balance your energies, and learn strategies that PROTECT your energy from others and/or situations in your life

Take back control of YOUR feeling of well-being and grounded-ness, in this chaotic world with simple strategies that you can incorporate easily into your daily life. 

When: May 12th Saturday 

Time: 12-2:30pm

$35 members

$45 non members