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Chanting Concert with Lulu & Mischka

Lulu & Mischka, 2 souls devoted to supporting the awakening of humanity through music
and stillness.
Based near Sydney, Australia, the international couple travel the globe to be inspired and
to share their message through soulful songs with you singing as one in their concerts, as
well as through their profound voice opening workshops and retreats.
Ancient mantras meet english lyrics that touch deep inside, modern melodies fuse with
magical harmonies, soothing guitar melts into the sound of the harmonium, all enriched by Lulu’s lush, angelic vocals and Mischka's humble guidance.

This couple offers a chance to join their radiant journey into the powerful practice of
chanting. They believe, coming together in the magical energy of joyful heart songs brings
us closer to each other, further away from separation and deeper into Truth... leaving you
with peace of mind and filled with Love. Blissful, ecstatic & meditative.... Hearts wide open
L&M initially met through sacred music and continue to be guided around the world
gathering prayers and inspirations to share them in their own unique way; this year they
have release their 3rd album ‘Enchanted’ - a live studio recording.

The last 5 years have seen them tour throughout Europe, Asia, South America and
Australia, holding Chanting Concerts, workshops and retreats, performing at festivals,
including Bali Spirit Festival, India Yoga Festival, Barcelona Yoga Conference, Byron Spirit
Fest, Woodford Folk Festival (Australia), as well as retreats, yoga teacher trainings and
health & wellness resorts.
Uplifting each other, heart by heart, song by song.



When: May 5th, Saturday 7pm

Members: $20 advanced booking. $25 at the door, if available

Non members: $25 advanced booking. $35 at the door, if available