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Body Love Yoga

November 13   10.30am to 5.30pm   $150 Includes Nourishing Lunch

Body. Love. Yoga.

End the struggle with your body. 
Feel at home in your own skin. 
Live more.

How can you make the shift from wanting to love your body (but not really feeling it on the inside), to living body-love as a daily reality?

The Body Love Yoga workshop is designed to provide you with real, tangible answers to this question.

Studies show that 67% of all women hold back from doing the things they love – or would love to try – because they don’t like the way they look (Gonzalez et al 2007).

Do you...

- Often think your body should be thinner, stronger, more flexible or just isn’t good enough in general?
- Spend time wishing or trying to change your body?
- Avoid yoga, or feel down on yourself when practicing it because you don’t have the ideal ‘yoga body’?  
- Compare your body to others?  
- Hold back from doing things you love in life, out of fear of not looking good enough?

This 1-day workshop is for anyone wishing to feel more at home in their body, and move beyond self-limiting beliefs. The workshop includes therapeutic vinyasa flow and yin yoga, journaling, meditation, group processes, and creative practices.  

Excellent for regular yoga practitioners, complete beginners, yoga teachers, therapists, and health professionals. Open to all levels of experience.

Facilitated by Sarah Ball, experienced yoga teacher and body image counsellor. who has been practicing yoga for over twenty years, and teaching for more than a decade. Sarah founded Body Love Yoga in 2012, and is also a writer, guest speaker and facilitator at yoga teacher trainings, panels and public events. Her work has been featured in the Australian Yoga Journal, and numerous online publications. Learn more

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