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Yin Yoga and Sound Healing with Matt Omo - The Gong Guru

15 September   Yin:5.45-6.30 Matt:6.30pm-8pm   Cost $40

Join us for a transformational journey of yoga and sound. 

Matt is coming back again on Thursday 15 September. We always have such an amazing time and it never seems long enough! So this time we will be having a 45 minute yin class from 5.45pm-6.30pm and then a 90 minute soul vibing session with Matt.

The class will begin with a 45min yin class, accessible to people of all levels of fitness, to gently open the body. Then Matt will use the wisdom of spiritual psychology, breath work, meditation and intuition to lead you in a transformational journey of sound using the didgeridoo, gongs, crystal bowls, Tibetan bells and more. 

This experience will allow you to release stress, quiet the mind, open your heart and experience your expanded nature like never before. 

If you can't make the yin you can just come along for the sound healing.