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Art of Assisting and Alignment

Art of Alignment and Assisting 

Through this course, suitable for students and yoga teachers, you will discover a new understanding of the Hot Power and Yin Yoga sequences. Learn how to build your postures from the ground up to find grace and ease in your practice. 

You will experience the beautiful, energetic shift that happens when your poses are assisted and aligned. You will light up your yoga practice with the knowledge of correct alignment and you will finish the course understanding how courses like this can transform your life.

You will also be given all the tools you need to assist others into alignment in poses. An essential tool for yoga teachers and a little taste of teacher training for students. 





Karl Jaross, Karl has guided hundreds of students and teachers on their yoga journey. His unique style balances his expertise in Power and Yin yoga with mindfulness, and personal development teachings to complement the physical yoga practice.  

Fiona Leard, Fiona teaches yoga to professional, elite and recreational athletes using ancient yoga philosophies merged with the science of sport and exercise.  She has a deep understanding of the mind and body and a keen interest in the art of enhancing athletic performance.