You're pregnant! ​Congratulations! Thinking about prenatal yoga?

As busy women many of us find we’re at the bottom of the priority list. Our responsibilities to our workplaces, families and friends always seem to take precedence. That is, until suddenly we realize that we’re make decisions for two - at this point there’s no getting round the fact that looking after yourself is priority number one.

For those who have a regular yoga practice the challenge is often finding a way to slow down, to accept the need for modifications and to find ways to work with rather than against changing hormonal and energy levels.

For those exploring yoga for the first time there’s new terminology to contend with, uncertainty about how to move the body safely, in addition to which there are the usual feelings of excitement and nervousness.

Don’t worry – everyone who attends prenatal yoga classes feels exactly the same way, which is why the experience of prenatal yoga can be so great. You have the opportunity to talk shop with other expectant mums, to share your experiences, ask for advice and build a supportive community of women around you.

What does prenatal yoga do? Good question, I’m glad you asked!

There’s evidence to suggest that even before your baby is born his/her developing senses are able to detect sounds like your heartbeat and Mum and Dad talking. He/she can recognize taste and even sense light through closed eyelids so that connection between you and baby that is fostered during prenatal classes is felt by baby too. That relaxation that you experience is actually an experience shared.

Interestingly, there are studies showing that mum’s emotional state impacts the development of baby’s personality and through prenatal yoga you are provided with a series of tools to help you great life’s challenges with equanimity and grace.

Healthy mum = healthy baby.

What else can prenatal yoga do? Well, it helps to:

  • Improve circulation;
  • Aid the management of pregnancy-related ailments and discomforts (like back pain, hip pain, fatigue, nausea, fluid retention, cramps, varicose veins etc);
  • Prepare the body for the birth of baby;
  • Improve nervous system functioning;
  • Help minimize the negative effects of stress.

What doesn’t yoga do? Yoga doesn’t guarantee the perfect birth. It will, however, provide you with the tools to surrender to the birth you do have, and this, I think, is just as important.

So come along and share your experience with other mums-to-be. Our classes focus on stretching, strengthening, breath work and relaxation and run on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. We’ve also got you sorted when baby arrives – our Mums & Bubs classes have kicked off and are heaps of fun so once you’ve got the all clear from your doctor you can reconnect your with our prenatal alumni and continue your yoga journey with the newest addition to your family.