Frontline Yoga

Frontline Yoga is free class offered to those who care, protect and serve the rest of us on the frontline - our current and former Police Officers, Fire fighters, Paramedics, Defence Force Members, Medical professionals and volunteers, along with their family members.


For those who have to be ‘on’ all day for their occupation, we provide Yoga to help you switch off at the end of a shift. For those who carry a load on their shoulders to assist those in need, let us help you release tension. For those who rush from one life-or-death situation to another, let us recharge your over run nervous system. For those who have been exposed to trauma, all of our volunteers use trauma-sensitive guidelines in their classes to help you feel comfortable and at ease during a class.

Classes are also open to members of the public by way of donation.

We Aim for Progress, Not Perfection

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Frontline Yoga

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