Master Classes

Master Teachers provide expert guidance in yoga discipline, they teach with the sole aim of showing students how to access poses by breaking them down into components, making the what seems impossible possible. Students and teachers consider Master Classes one of the most effective means of yoga and personal development.

Master Teachers provide expert guidance in yoga discipline; they teach with the sole aim of showing students how to access poses by breaking them down into components, making the impossible possible. 

Students and teachers consider Master Classes to be one of the most effective means of enhancing their yoga practice and personal development. These classes give students a chance to 'master' poses they do not have the chance to experiment with during a normal class.  

For example; at first the striking poise and challenging complexity of arm balances can be intimidating. For most people, these postures don’t come easily and can seem beyond reach. But arm balances are more accessible when you break them down into manageable steps. These classes will teach you how to step back, cultivate breath and piece apart a challenging pose. 

Our Master Teachers show how to bring a posture’s elements together, to be patient with yourself and use the elemental breakdown to help get you there.  It’s an opportunity for you to get to know yourself, other students, and the teacher.

Upcoming Master Classes with Rusty Davis

Class dates

Friday 6th November




iCore - Arm Balances & Inversions Workshops

This Workshop involves learning the intelligent use of the Core to access your true potential and strength. Rusty sequentially spends time opening, strengthening and activating all the muscle groups necessary to fly in these poses. You will be guided into the energy lines that allow lightness and allow you to rise above fears. Rusty's Balance Master classes are playful and fun, building confidence from the ground to the sky.

iCore is an all levels class, all you need to bring is your happy, confident child-like mind.

Saturday 7th November

10:00am or 4:00pm

Roll and Release (R&R) 

This workshop is a pathway to the present moment, healing, flexibility, letting go of tension, letting go of pain and letting go of emotional energy that causes suffering.

You'll learn how to use tennis balls and blocks to massage and manipulate the myofascial tissue - a membrane within that holds our energy body, emotional body and is the number two cause of inflexibility and tension.  Sometimes through emotional traumas, physical injuries, overuse of muscles, lack of movement and just life in general, this membrane can hold tensions causing us suffering and pain. R&R is a quick and powerful solution to all these situations and after a session you will feel more energetic, more flexible in the body and free from mental and physical tensions.

Master Instructors


Rusty Davis, Yoga teacher, movement lover, and self-enquirer.  Rusty has taught classes all over the world, guiding his students to a greater understanding of their yoga practice , increased flexibility and the skills to access energy for strength.



Karl Jaross, Karl has guided hundreds of students and teachers on their yoga journey. His unique style balances his expertise in Power and Yin yoga with mindfulness, and personal development teachings to complement the physical yoga practice.  



Jo MooreThrough studies in Astrology and Buddhism, Jo was drawn to yoga and the Vinyasa style of teaching. She has trained extensively with many master teachers, in many styles, and brings this knowledge to her classes. 


Fiona Leard, Fiona teaches yoga to professional, elite and recreational athletes using ancient yoga philosophies merged with the science of sport and exercise.  She has a deep understanding of the mind and body and a keen interest in the art of enhancing athletic performance.

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