Sports Joint Release

If you can’t move well, you can’t play your sport well. As a surfer, runner or dynamic athlete flexibility, energy flow and ease of movement are truly important for speed, agility and injury prevention

As athletes we’ve got to be quick, mobile and free of tissue restrictions to move the way our sports demand. That's why we've got two Sports Joint Release classes on our weekly timetable.

Our Sports Joint Release classes combine a power yoga flow with yin style stretches and careful explanation of how to add yin yoga to your cross training program to achieve peak athletic performance.

Flexibility in the muscles and myofacial slings increases our range of movement. Releasing these tissues requires a special kind of stretch, which decreases muscular tension across large muscle groups. Yin yoga stretching releases the fascia that encapsulates every bone and organ in the body. Whereas muscle mass responds well to quick repetitive movement, oxygen, and blood flow (like pumping weights), connective tissue needs time in long held stretches where the muscles are relaxed around the joints. 

Increase your range of motion, strength and power with yoga.

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